These 3 Haircuts Will Change Your Life


Can a fresh haircut really change your life? We think so. A flattering cut to your hair may have the potential to change your life. Shedding away hair including an old, outdated cut may become a symbolic shedding away of your past insecurities or doubts. It can also completely revamp your style in order to give you a fresh outlook each day. We have chosen 3 awesome cuts that can have the power to transform you not only on the outside but also spark a change within.




The Sharp Bob


Bobs tend to come and go with trends each year, but this year we have seen a more structured and sleek look dominating mainstream media’s most savvy ladies and we like it! This look is so powerful and sharp that we feel it has the power to have you projecting confidence throughout the day and hair tossing all over! If you are going to get on the “bob” train make sure you bring in a few pictures of the exact style you are trying to achieve, as simply saying you want a bob isn’t specific enough.  To maintain and keep your bob looking beautiful, make sure to use True Keratin’s Creation Control.  Just rub through damp hair before styling and see lasting results all day.


LAS VEGAS, NV - APRIL 03: Actress Brooklyn Decker arrives at the 46th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards RAM Red Carpet held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 3, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)


Mid-Length Cut With Choppy Layers


This Mid-Length cut is easy to style and effortlessly flawless. It also is the perfect haircut for another trend, which is incorporating texture. When you ask for this cut make sure to add in that you want the layers to be on the longer side and the length should fall to right above your chest. This will ensure you get the trending style that is giving everyone such a chic look. This is a great style that can be worn with many different hair types but is meant to work with hair that naturally dries with texture. If you have very straight hair, a great way to obtain a lot of texture is to braid your damp hair into three large sections, two on each side and one in the back. Then let the braid air dry naturally. This style can be maintained and perfected with True Keratin’s Creation Control. Once your locks have air dried, warm the product into your palms and work from roots to ends to add volume and a nice shine.





The Big Chop


Scared? Don’t be! The next big hair trend is little to no hair at all! Before you skip the rest of this article hear us out! Not everyone is meant for a shaved head or pixie cut. But some women have been putting this chop off out of fear and we predict that 2016 will bring out your fearlessness. This look includes styles like the pixie cut, a shaved head, and even simple additions to your own style like tiny bangs. Do your research before committing to a short style and always be fearless! A great thing about going for a big chop is that you are now able to grow out your natural color and start with fresh, natural locks.


Whichever style you choose to be bold with this season, we know you will love your new look and your new transformation leading into another great year. Go forward into these next few months with a renewed sense of self and a positive outlook on life! Shed the layers of whatever has been plaguing you this last few months and transition into the new season with a new look and a new, exciting life!

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